Onni is a Finnish word which means happiness and the brand was established by the Finnish designer Tuula Pöyhönen. Onni is located in a former knitting factory in Helsinki. The factory was turned into loft apartments and Tuula Pöyhönen lives in one of them with her family. Her home is also the studio where she designs Onni’s products and it serves also as a shop. Thanks to this original idea, Tuula can combine design work and shop-keeping just like the clothiers, shoemakers and other similar professionals did in the olden times.

Onni collection consists of clothes, shoes and accessories, all designed by Tuula Pöyhönen. The collection doesn’t change entirely every season – some pieces are present during several seasons with some variations. Tuula Pöyhönen has a varied history as a designer and the Onni collection represents the culmination of this deep and broad experience, as the expression of a vision of a private fashion collection. In 2010 Onni took part in the event “Straightforward - New Finnish Design”, which was held in New York and presented new Finnish design.


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