Rosendahl Timepieces

Rosendahl Timepieces is part of the Danish design company Rosenadhl Design Group founded in 1984. It manufactures watches with a story. The collection includes classical wall clocks, modern watches as well as sporty watches. The watches’ design is very much influenced by minimalist and Scandinavian design traditions.

Rosendahl Timepieces believes that people are interested also in the products’ origin, materials and story behing the design. The company believes that there is a need to pare things to the bone and let the product tell its own story.

The company chooses partners, designers, sports professionals and suppliers based on their values, their drive to create and their involvement throughout the process – from the initial idea to the finished product. Designers must also be able to tell their story through their products. Among their designers Arne Jacobsen, Steen Georg Christensen and Erling Andersen.

Relaunching old design classics, Rosendahl Timepieces makes sure that they are in accordance with the original models. Only little variations have been allowed, for instance to the technique, and in the case of Bankers wall clocks, the collection has been introduced as wrist watch also.


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