WIS Design

WIS Design is a design studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, offering product and interior design. The studio is composed by the designers Lisa Widén and Anna Irinarchos. They are independent designers, working in several mediums: furniture, product, interior and graphic. With a poetic and playful approach, they try to challenge and enrich the industrial design.

Lisa Widén and Anna Irinarchos graduated in 2006 from the Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm with a BA in Art and Design. WIS Design’s aim is to bring wisdom and poetry to the every day objects that surround us. Lisa Widén and Anna Irinarchos design on commission for several different types of international clients, such as Casamania, David Design, Design House Stockholm and Marbodal Kitchen. One of their most famous products is the Reader’s Nest, manufactured by David Design. Readers' Nest provides a smart and beautiful way to keep your favourite books close to your favorite reading spot. Easy to place almost anywhere you like it; by your lounge chair, next to your bed or by one of the trees that holds your hammock. And no more “dog's ear” in your books, thanks to the smart way to store the book you’re reading.


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