Woodnotes’ carpets, manufactured from woven paper yarn, are indisputable classics of Finnish design. Avenue is a modern carpet designed by Ritva Puotila, where the unsymmetrical stripes run all through the carpet. The colors in the wide stripes match with the shades in your interior creating a harmonic look. The carpet is available in four beautiful color combinations and it is treated to repel dirt.

  • Manufacturer: Woodnotes
  • Design: Ritva Puotila
  • Material: 86% paper yarn (weft), 14% cotton (warp)
  • Color: Light gray, gray purple, green, black
  • Notes: Due to the tight weave, carpet does not ignite easily. Antistatic. Suitable for persons with allergies.
  • Sizes: 31.2" x 78"; 54.6" x 78"; 66.3" x 93.6"

Avenue carpet, light gray-gray purple

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