Swedish design company Korbo has created the wire basket Classic 24 with two foldable handles.  Korbo has a long history of crafting wire baskets starting back in 1922 and has continued to weave baskets using the same technique ever since.   Korbo baskets are pure example of simplicity as they are woven from a single wire by hand without any welds.  The end result is a beautiful yet durable basket that stands the test of time both visually and functionally.  The Korbo baskets use galvanized steel with a zinc casing added to protect the steel. The baskets are created with a simple matt grey patina color making them ideal for garden use as well as various purposes inside your home.  

  • Manufacturer: Korbo
  • Size: 24 litres, height 11", top diameter 38 cm
  • Material: Galvanized steel

Wire basket Classic 24, galvanized

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