Ole Jensen's Washing-up bowl adds distinct and flexible tool to the kitchen. The rubber washing basin has won the prestigious International Design Plus Prize in 2002. The roots of the bowl are as follows: One day, while washing up in his kitchen at home, Ole Jensen felt reluctant to put his fragile porcelain and glass straight into the stainless steel sink. He also noticed that the sink's shape was very inflexible in relation to unusual kinds of dishes and tableware, and the idea of a flexible washing-up bowl began to take shape in his mind. The idea was that the washing-up bowl should adapt its shape to whatever object lay in it, so Ole decided to use a flexible material, such as rubber. He then designed the prototype, hand-working the model on his potter's wheel until the shape was right. The washing-up brush is made of Chinese pig bristles bent and glued to the wood. The brush is produced according to old production techniques.
  • Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen
  • Design: Ole Jensen
  • Size: 11" x 11" x 5.5"
  • Material: Rubber, beech with natural bristles
  • Color: Green

Washing-up bowl and brush, green

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