The Eva Solo Fridge Carafe Cover gives you new color options to freshen up your 34oz Eva Solo Fridge Carafe. Easily change the look of your carafe to match the season, the occasion, or your mood. The neoprene material also offers very strong insulative qualities to keep your drinks in the ideal temperature. The classic milk bottle shape, with the smart and functional flip-top lid and the drip-free pouring lip, has become a permanent feature in many refrigerator doors. And now it is also ready to bring new color to your table. The Eva Solo Fridge carafe cover fits the 34oz Eva Solo Fridge carafe.
  • Manufacturer: Eva Solo
  • Design: Tools Design
  • Size: Fits the 1-litre (34 oz) Eva Solo fridge carafe
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Color: Red

Fridge Carafe cover, red

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