The Kapu coffee scoop is a design by Teemu Karhunen that gives a beautifully organic product with the functionality of both a coffee scoop and a bag sealer to maintain freshness of your coffee. The Kapu is made in Finland with birch plywood using modern and traditional handcrafting techniques. Maintenance is simple by just wiping the Kapu scoop with a damp cloth once in a while and drying immediately. The Kapu can be refreshed every few years by adding a new layer of wood oil (food grade) to keep it clean and working well for years if not decades. Not dishwasher safe.

  • Manufacturer: Hile
  • Design: Teemu Karhunen
  • Size: Length 6.3", width 1.73", height .59"
  • Material: Birch plywood

Kapu Coffee Scoop and Bag Closer

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