Iittala launches a new item in the Teema range: Teema mini serving set. The three-piece pack shows Kaj Franck’s basic forms – a circle, a square and a triangle – and it makes a nice serving set for occasions such as tapas dishes enjoyed with friends or for a cozy breakfast where it can hold, for example, tea bags or marmalade. The round plate is the same Franck designed for the 1,5 dl coffee cup, while the triangular and the square plates have been redesigned by Heikki Orvola. Franck's Teema series is a timeless classic of Scandinavian design. The Teema series is one of the most respected collections of design ware and is found in many design museums across the world. The Teema series is available in a variety of colors to suit.

Teema mini serving 3-set, white

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